About Us

Academy of Creative Arts

Who We Are

Here at Academy of Creative Arts, we share one common goal: to prove that anybody can be an artist, and to support you on that journey. Within each of us is a flicker of creativity waiting to be ignited, and we hope to be the match that sparks that flame. 

Our learning programmes help our students explore their minds and express themselves through a multitude of traditional art mediums, pencil sketching, acrylic and watercolour painting included.  Age is just a number, and we encourage continuous artistic exploration no matter how young or old. Visual arts have also proved to be therapeutic for the complex human mind — communicate your ideas and emotions in your own unique way. 

Academy of Creative Arts is a safe space for you to explore your creativity without any limitations,  experiment and engage with different artistic mediums, and experience the artistic journey you desire.

Our Philosophy

With the constraints of societal expectations and life’s unpredictability, many don’t see art as a  priority — but why disregard your own imagination? 

It doesn’t matter how others view your artwork — you create according to your own individual expression, and what you make is uniquely yours.

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